Conventional Mortgages

Invesro specializes in creating real estate solutions for owning, selling, investing and wealth building strategies in today’s market.

Since the mortgage rules have changed, thus making it harder for the average person to qualify or re-qualify for a home mortgage, solutions to these common
obstacles become necessary. From home ownership to building an investment portfolio, we can critique a specific plan to fit your individual needs.

Remember, our goal is to create win-win situations!

Vendor Financing

In some instances the home owner is in a position to finance the new buyer for a short period of time to which they can then look to other forms of lending.


Has been referred to by many names such as "Lease Purchase" or "Rent to Own" etc. Although similar, a lease option is different and provides you with more opportunity for growth in your equity and/or investment.

A lease is a contract between the owner/landlord/optionor and the tenant/buyer/optionee, both parties are bound in a lease, the owner/landlord/optionor must lease the property to the tenant/buyer/optionee and the tenant/buyer/optionee must make lease payments to the owner/landlord/optionor - this is called a” bilateral" contract.

The option however is a "unilateral" contract in that the owner/landlord/optionor must sell if the option is exercised, but the tenant/buyer/optionee has the option to buy or walk away if they so choose leaving their down payment etc. behind.

The Lease/Puchase and the Rent to Own in theory are both bilateral contractual agreements.

Credit Match

Under the Lease/Option program, tenant/buyers/optionee may be eligible to participate in our credit match program.

For example, if the credit match is 50% and the tenant/buyer/optionee paid an additional $300 over and above the required lease pymt, which is then added to the option deposit, there is a credit match of $150, total credit is $450.

With this scenario, if done 12 months in a row, that would leave an $1800 credit ($150 x 12 months), which is taken off the ending option price. $1800 free - it pays not to rent!

Benefits of a Lease Option - Buyer

Buyers - tenant/buyer/optionee

Buyers who recognize the importance of owning equity in a hard asset in today’s economy.
No bank qualifying: many applicants are restricted from qualifying immediately for a conventional mortgage for what ever reason such as lack of credit, bad credit,
job problems, self employment, new to the area or recently immigrated and so on.  As we move through the motions, Invesro creates a hassle free environment for
all parties involved, and in some cases our expert financial planners and mortgage brokers will work along side the optionee to establish or repair credit to ensure
the new lender is in place upon the time the option to purchase is to be exercised.

Flexible terms - usually 1 - 3 years
Fast equity growth - initial option deposit, portion of monthly lease payment and credit matches are all credited towards your ending option price, as well as
appreciation over term of lease, puts optionee in a stronger equity position to qualify for financing once option to purchase is exercised. Equity growth is almost
always faster this way than that of traditional mortgages.
Guaranteed Purchase Price - a conservative option price is agreed upon at beginning of lease, scheduled for end of term. Appreciation is expected and buyer
may benefit.
No hidden fees - owner pays taxes, insurance, and strata fees
Optionee to enjoy quiet time with property. In a lease/option, the optionee is not considered a renter, so they will experience the freedoms of homeownership
Also renos, repairs or additions by optionee are not out of the question. With agreement of owner/optionor these improvements on the property increase the
value of property, which then increases the optionee’s equity position.
Optionee may have handyman background which will aid in optionee’s equity position as well, (sweat equity)

Benefits of a Lease Option - Seller

Sellers -  owner/optionor

Tax Advantages

Still hold title on property

No rental headaches, no worries about property management

No vacancies or concerns of mortgage pymts - your home makes money till it is sold or option is exercised

Great exit strategies - tired of being a landlord, negative cash flow properties, (taxes, repairs and maintenance to high, etc)
No realtor fees
No FSBO advertizing fees

Quality tenant/buyers in your home treating it like their own