Make Money Together With Invesro!

We will pay you $500.00 when we buy a house that was referred by you.  We pay $10.00 per address received from you according to the instructions
below, whether we buy the house or not. 

How does it work?

During your daily routine, keep an eye out for housing that is ugly, vacant and/or in need of repair.  Regardless of whether the property is for sale by owner (FSBO),
or not even have a for sale sign, just as long as it is ugly, vacant and/or in need of repair.

When you find a prospective house, take pictures from all directions.  We will need the property address and your contact information, Please visit our contact us
page to start the process.

Once we recieve your request we will send you information on how to get us the pictures and address of the property.

Please DO NOT send for sale by owner website listings or listings. We have already searched these listings.  However, if you are a Realtor and your
listing is expiring or you are having a hard time selling a piece of property and your clients are motivated to sell; we will pay you a realtor referral fee for every house
we purchase from you.
How do you get paid?

Once we receive your information, we will check to see that it meets our criteria and verify that the address is satisfactory at the town or county office. You will then be issued a cheque for $10.00. Subsequently, if we can come to an agreement with the owner/seller and purchase the property, upon the closing of the sale we will send you a cheque for $490.00. Again, if you are realtor contact us for our real estate agent rates.
If you are a realtor please contact us for our real estate agent rates.